Olive oil is not only beneficial as a form of nutrition, but it also has extraordinary health and healing properties. Although it should be noted that olive oil does not have today the divine character attributed to it in the past, or the same condition of an essential energy source in nourishment, but it does represent the new health myth and concern for a healthy and balanced diet as well as being the ancestral component that all of us retain in our habits and customs. All these factors remain in effect in this wonderful product that some call "liquid gold ", which is why olive oil is an item considered half food and half medicine.


Olive oil is one of nature's greatest gifts

Olive oil is called liquid gold as it contains properties very good your health.


Olive oil, the symbol of our Mediterranean diet, is the best fat with which to fry food, as it forms a consistent layer around the food. With it, the food retain its juices and does not absorb more oil. Although it gets very hot (180 º C), it suffers the least alteration during heating so it can be reused more times than other oils. In addition, vegetable oil contributes to a greater number of factors beneficial for our health.