Factory of oil for hydraulic pressure press system or milling with three locks mill.

The factory, model of the ones installed between 1.940 to 1.970, besides the fundamental already indicated components, has been modernized by an automatic loader or dosage measure of paste on the "baskets".

As auxiliary complements to the mill of the olive, appear apart from the vertical mixer, two rotary cylindrical extractors for which  olive paste pass in order to obtain an olive oil without pressure and without filtration, through the "baskets", component that in the press process leaved a certain "retaste" or flavour in the oil produced if the basket was not perfectly clean.

The press must (alpechín + oil), was led to the decantation rooms in which in general a well battery or sinks or vitrified tile, made olive oil separate from the alpechín for the gravity effect or natural decantation.


The hydraulic press is called empiedro too.

This kind of hydraulic press was used between 1940 y 1970

Source: Pieralisi España S.L