Flavoured olive oils are a new way to change cooking and a gift for our taste buds. These oils are made with olive oil of top quality and are packaged in dark bottles, with the appropriate label showing the type of flavor it has. There are many varieties of flavored olive oil, as many flavoured olive oils as flavorings that exist in nature.

Some of the most frequently used flavoured oils are:

Olive oil with basil: this is made by adding to the extra virgin olive oil, a branch of fresh basil and two cloves of peeled garlic. It should be left to marinate a whole month.

Flavoured olive oil can easily be made at home

To make flavored olive oil the desired ingredients are put into the bottle, it is filled with olive oil, and left to marinate.

- Lemon oil: to make this one cut lemon slices, spread them on a plate and sprinkle over a little salt. Let them stand for half an hour and then add the juice that has been released from the lemons with olive oil, we must also add the lemon slices. Leave to marinate for more or less 40 days.

- Hot oil: this is made by putting two peeled cloves of garlic and eight dried chillies in a bottle, then fill the bottle with extra virgin olive oil and let marinate for around about 40 days.   

This oil is an essential element for salads, but we must take the right amount and carefully choose the type of aromatic oil to be used (with vinegar, lemon, mustard, egg yolk, spices, onion, etc.)

These oils can be very easily made at home, with a variety of ingredients (mustard, vinegar, spices, lemon, onion, egg yolk ...) So you can make many different types of oils. The master chefs often use a lot of these types of oil, which give the dish a better quality to its flavor. They are often used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Flavoured olive oils are often used by chefs in restaurants 

With a good olive oil can make any kind of flavored oil.